Pioneers in promotional caps
and headwear since 1947

Since 1947, we've recognised the importance of staying one step ahead of our competitors. Not just for our benefit but for the benefit of our customers. We were the first company to import promotional and corporate headwear into the UK.

The first company to provide bespoke cap embroidery and more recently the first company to bring corporate branding into the bump cap market.

Innovation has always been at the heart of our business. It's what makes us better and it's what we offer all of our clients.

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If you are ever looking for custom baseball caps go to Sharon Lee. They’ve been helping my business for over 20 years and have never let me down.

Friendly, honest advice, fast turnaround and attention to detail makes the whole experience easy and stress free.

If you’re looking for great service, great quality and a pain free life, I would always recommend Sharon Lee.

Keep up the good work!

Mo Yusuff
Club Row Creations

other satisfied customers

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