The Sharon Lee Warehouse – the first and last point of delivery.

Published - 17th March, 2017

Clean, compact and unquestionably organised.

Organising and keeping the best-stocked headwear in the UK is no easy task, and it requires a team of hard working people to maintain it and this is where the warehouse steps in.

Meet our long-standing Warehouse manager:

Whether controlling stock levels, quality checking inbound/outbound orders or unloading containers, it’s clear that the warehouse needs to be a very organised and clean environment.

Working in the warehouse since the late 1990s with Toby, Justin knows everything there is to know about the Sharon Lee warehouse and he has literally made it his own, improving it year on year.

The department has developed massively since the days where Toby worked in the department and it has been re-organised a number of times. So with the introduction of 2 workshops to house our embroidery machines, it clearly is a very different place from when Sharon Lee first moved in, 25 years ago.

We’re still expanding!

Mezzanine flooring has been introduced very recently above the warehouse floor as we are adding a third room to the embroidery department to store our huge 12 head embroidery machine.


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