An ode to the traditional beanie

Published - 18th September, 2017

The Beanie – The ultimate cold weather accessory.

Inject some warmth and style into your brand with a classic beanie!

With autumn knocking on the door, it’s time to get ready for those cooler days ahead. Headwear excels at this time of the year and the beanie, in particular, is the perfect accessory.

Male with fashion Beanie

What is a beanie?

Beanies, knit cap, ski hat, these are all names referring to the same thing: a head-hugging hat which is really easy to wear. The beanie hat is surprisingly suitable for all kinds of temperatures but it really does depend on the way you style it.

There’s nothing better than planning the first outfit you’re going to wear for a new season. Beanies can be both a subtle accessory to that outfit or the standout item. Sometimes accessories can make all the difference: this time a warm hat could give you the right dose of comfort, confidence and style you need to get through the coming cold season. It’s a solid investment.

S0020 Beanie Range

S0020 Beanie Range

Why do we wear them?

The main reason to wear a beanie is for functional reasons of course. Keeping your head warm in frigid temperatures is essential. That doesn’t mean that you have to put style aside till spring however, the beanie is a great accessory that can complement any autumn or winter outfit.

You could boost the insulation by adding a fleece or thermal lining or apply fashionable branding to give the beanie a stylish look. Whatever the case a beanie should be the go-to accessory for everyone when the weather inevitably starts to turns.

Do beanies have a place in fashion?


Female Model Bespoke Beanie

The beanie obtained its place in history and still has a very strong reputation to defend. The early beanie hats in fashion history were used so commonly in England and Wales, that nearly everyone wore them. In fact, the Cappers Act of 1488 forbade the wearing of caps made outside the country, upon penalty of fine! Nearly 100 years later, there was even an Act of Parliament that required those older than age six to wear this type of hat on Sundays and holidays (excluding some people such as ladies, and when travelling).

Beanies are still used heavily with manual workers, but are now becoming a timeless fashion piece, seen on the heads of many stylish celebrities such as David Beckham, Rita Ora and Tom Hardy.


A Final thought:

Beanies are gender universal and a timeless accessory that dominates the headwear world in autumn and winter. Available in countless styles and colour options, with a vast array of potential branding.

There is an option out there for everyone!

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