Attributes to consider when choosing a supplier.

Published - 23rd February, 2018

What is important to you and more importantly, your client when choosing a Supplier?

Choosing the right supplier can be a tricky task as there are many factors to take into consideration. For example, price is clearly important but does the cheapest price result in a better deal? Quick delivery sounds perfect, but does that mean that more mistakes can occur?

So many things need to be taken into account, so it’s important to think long and hard before making your final choice as to who you are going to give a precious order to.

Here at Sharon Lee we believe in being a versatile supplier, and we care about every order.

Consistency of our products

This is vital! For example, our C6701 (Sharon Lee’s top selling cap) hasn’t changed since we started stocking it. Colour, shape, fit and styling is consistently the same year on year, meaning that our clients have no issue when it comes to repeat orders.


When it comes to quality, we couldn’t be more serious. We are dedicated to delivering the best quality headwear around. Everything from the weaving and the dyeing of the fabric, right through to the stitching and workmanship on the production line.

Our UK based in house embroidery and QC departments also ensure that only the best embroidered hats are sent to your customer.


Customer service

Yes, things go wrong from time to time, but we believe it is how the problem is dealt with which is important. A supplier with good customer service are there to work with you to resolve issues, regardless of blame.

At Sharon Lee we pride ourselves on this. Thorough care is given to our customers and their orders. If you have questions about headwear, we will have the answers, if problems occur, we will find the solutions.


If the statistics are correct, then price is not at the top of a distributors list. Service, quality and innovation come above price. However we do know how important it is to get the right price for the right product. Is the cheapest price the best price?


The promotional merchandise world is a fast paced and ever changing environment. Speed of response and speed of production time are very important and cannot be overlooked. However we know it is also important to deliver on promises too.

We understand that our customers have deadlines which must be adhered to and our Sales and Production team will do everything to deliver your order, even if we have to add overtime to our schedule.


This is a huge area for us. Are the factories credible? Are the staff treated and paid fairly? Are the products safe to use or handle? At Sharon Lee, ethics and compliance are very important to us and this is evident as we are SMETA approved and all of our products carry the highest level of testing.

A final thought

There is one other important factor which we didn’t mention. YOU! It all depends on what you as a buyer are looking for and we will always help and guide you down the right path to suit your needs. If headwear is something you’re interested in as a promotional product then we will always put YOU first!

Whatever the weather this winter, we have a great range of Promotional and Retail quality headwear to keep your client’s head warm, and better still we have created a PLAIN label catalogue ready for you to download and send to your clients – totally FREE of charge.


For more information about any of the above please contact the sales team on 01376 560380 /

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