4 Key aspects of our stocked Retail range

Published - 11th April, 2018

High quality stocked products, innovative fabrics, ethical origins and fashionable aspects are all benefits of our Retail range!

In 2017 we added what has become a big part of our stocked headwear, which we call the Retail range. We populated this range with fashion inspired headwear, through our close working relationship with a number of high street fashion retailers.

So what does the Retail range have to offer you and the promotional industry? That is exactly what we are going to explain in this week’s blog. So read on to discover 4 qualities that our stocked Retail range can offer you.

High-quality headwear

Our stocked Promotional range is full of high-quality headwear (as is expected of Sharon Lee) but there’s a reason our retail stock is slightly more expensive. The use of higher quality fabrics (10*10 heavy brushed cotton), the attention to detail, stitching accuracy and overall construction of the styles in this range, are truly made to a high end, retail ready standard.

Innovative and aesthetic fabrics

The variety of creative fabrics in the Retail range will add some interesting texture to your next promotional campaign. Cotton, for instance, is such a versatile material that there are so many variations of it. For example, our Retail range offers chambray denim, washed chino cotton, oiled cotton and heavy brushed cotton. This means that our retail hats have a variety of texture, appearances and weight to them.

It doesn’t stop there, faux suede, melton wool, soft feel acrylic, peached microfibre and more great materials are all available in this diverse range of stocked retail headwear.

Top Picks:

Audited and tested products

Our Retail range of hats are all fully REACH compliant and made in an audited factory that meets and exceeds international standards in social and ethical conditions.

They can introduce a fashionable element to the promotional world

This is perhaps the most noticeable reason to use our retail styles for promotional uses. The hats are inspired by what is currently on the high street and the latest trends within the fashion world. This fashion-focused range has led to us having on-trend products such as dad caps, fisherman beanies, trucker caps and more.

Top Picks:

If it’s on the high street, we aim to get it in our catalogue, which you can download below;

A final thought

If you wish to know more about this range or view any of our other great ranges, you can view the full collection on our catalogue page or contact the Sales Team today.



For more information about any of the above please contact the sales team on 01376 560380 / info@sharonleeltd.co.uk

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