Published - 12th March, 2019

When your clients brand needs to stand out Rubber Print is the option for you!

Rubber Printing / Sonic weld is a great branding technique where detail is key.  Take the below as an example of what can be achieved – the actual full width of the design is just under 30mm, yet still incorporates all of the detail. 


With its 4 colour design (white border, green/red infill and black outlines) you would be hard pushed to get the same clean crisp design by using embroidery, add to that the additional ridged detail in the design, it’s safe to say that Rubber Print takes branding to the next level.

The beauty of Rubber Print / Sonic weld comes down to the amount of detail that can be achieved in such a small space.  The blue stripes pictured below range from 2mm to 5mm in width, but are firmly adhered to the fabric, with no signs of lifting or peeling.

Rubber Print Lines

There are two variations in this type of branding.

The first being standard rubber print which uses a range of coloured PVC inks.  The other variation is Sonic Weld or Liquid Metal (see below), which uses a metallic based liquid, giving a bright, high shine finish to the design.


The process is identical and differs solely by the choice of ink/liquid used.  The below short video shows the process, starting with the metal mould which is made using state of the art CNC machinery giving a very clean and near identical replication of the original logo.  After this, the liquid PVC ink is carefully placed into the mould and allowed to flow into all the areas before it is heat cured.

Once the design has been cured it is then placed with the mould onto the fabric panel.  It is then heat applied before the mould is removed leaving the final design, ready to be made into the final product. 

Of course, there are limitations to this branding technique, but unlike Embroidery these limitations aren’t size/detail related, instead they are limited to the position on the cap.

Larger, blocky designs work fine over seams such as the ANT design below.  When you start working with small detailed designs or designs with individual lettering such as the ROCKWEAR design, we would advise NOT placing these over seams or on to 6 Panel caps. 


The reason for this is the letters will have a tendency to want to pull away where the seams meet.  This is the reason why we would always suggest a 5-panel cap option when it comes to Rubber print or Sonic Weld, where the logo is to go across the full width of the cap.  Should you wish to offset the logo over the eye or on to a single panel then there is no issue.

So what are you waiting for! Contact the sales team today to discuss any ideas/design requirements you may have.

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