Why having high quality headwear is worth it!

Published - 25th July, 2017

Quality is the key to success!

We wear clothes all day long, all year round. They are a necessity in everyone’s day to day life. So why do so many of us invest in poor quality clothing when there are in fact so many high-quality options available without breaking the bank.

‘Dress how you would want to be addressed’ – Bianca Frazier 


This blog will explain why quality clothing is worth a little extra cost, not just for general life but within the promotional industry as well.

B&W Quality Cap

Facts about the fabric:

As we discussed in our previous blog about fabric, the material that the product is made from is crucial to its quality standard. Everything from the weaving to the dyeing process will determine the final finish of the fabric. 99% of the product is made from fabric; scrimp on this and you will have an inferior product.

Stitching and workmanship

Every factory will have a workforce ranging from experienced, high-quality machinists through to novices who have just joined the business. In our experience, you will see a marked difference in garments produced in factories that retain their high quality and highly skilled workforce.


No factory will ever tell a potential customer that it aims to make a cheap product, however, there is a different ethos between factories who aim to deliver high-quality products (for a fair price) and those who just want to cut costs.

Management of the factory

Every brand will have a very specific idea of what their product should look like. It is imperative that the management is able to understand the vision of the brand, and effectively communicate it to the production line. Failure to understand or communicate well WILL result in disaster!

We will discuss more of this in the near future.

Ethics and product testing

In our experience, high quality, ethics and fully tested products go hand in hand. Most well run factories that produce high-quality products have ethics and products testing at the heart of their ethos.

Using OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabrics is one way to ensure that the quality of the fabric in your product is not compromised.

Using factories that are SMETA audited is one way to ensure that high-quality staff are kept happy and retained in the business.


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