What’s the potential reach of branded headwear?

Published - 4th July, 2016

How do you get your clients brand seen by thousands of potential customers with headwear?

There is plenty of potential for your clients brand to be seen by a much wider audience and brand placement and the ROI (return on investment) plays a massive part of it.

Take a walk down pretty much any high street and you will see countless numbers of brands, companies and marketing not only in the shop fronts but on billboards and posters – all of which have a ROI calculated against them and in many cases a very high figure.

But have you ever stopped and looked at all the other branding that you have probably been absorbing subconsciously?  Clothing!  Yes that’s right, the clothes that the general public are wearing with designer labels and catchy straplines on t’s or even a great looking cap.  They are all around you and, without knowing, help in programming your mind to want or aim to have the same.

Now were not suggesting the likes of your blue chip clients start their very own range of “Fashionable” headwear or retail brand, but it’s definitely worth taking a few styling cues from the retail industry, looking at current fashion trends and adapting the style and look of the promotional item to suit.

But why would that be a good idea?

Well this leads us to the main reason we have written the blog. You see research has shown that in the average life span of a promotional headwear product, which is around 7 months, you could expect that product to have a potential reach of around 1400 impressions per cap.

Now time for some maths.

Let’s start off with 576 Bespoke caps, each with a potential reach of 1400 impressions.

576 x 1400 = 806,400 possible impressions.

Now let’s work back and see what the actual ROI works out at.

With an average cost of 576 caps working out at around £2000 (subject to branding, style, fabrics etc.) and based on a potential reach of 800,000+ impressions the calculation works out as follows;

£2000 ÷ 800,000 =  £0.0025/cap

Now we are realistic and the thought of each one of those 576 caps getting 1400 impressions and then each one of those impressions converting into some form of lead or order is ridiculous, but even if only 1% of the 576 lead to some form of engagement you would still be looking at the following figures;

8000 Potential Impressions

£2000 ÷ 8000 = £0.25/cap.

Yes £0.25/cap – that’s all it takes for your ROI, and in the grand scheme of things there’s not another form of marketing we can think of that (a) costs very little and (b) – makes the client feel like they are special. Come on, everybody loves a freebie!!

With this in mind now is the time to step up your headwear game. Steer away from the classic promotional giveaway cap and start offering your customers something fashionable that their target audience will want to wear over and over again.

So what are you waiting for? Why not speak to one of the sales team today to discuss any brands who you feel would benefit from some great looking “fashionable” headwear.  Call us on 01376 552235 or email info@sharonleeltd.co.uk.