How to get creative with a cap peak!

Published - 5th December, 2017

Can you make a statement with the peak of the cap?

The peak of a baseball cap is often the forgotten element when it comes to branding/decorating headwear and what we want to talk about in this blog are the multitude of ways to make this part of a hat, innovative and eye-catching.

Contrasting peaks

You could use colour to your advantage and apply two different shades for the crown and peak. Having a multi-coloured hat will definitely bring more attention to your product.

Of course you don’t have to stop at colours! Fabrics can also be contrasted and sometimes, very effectively. For example, the C6723 has a Melton wool crown and a contrasting cotton peak. The pairing of colours and fabrics add more depth to the style, making it an incredibly bold product.

If you want to get really creative, then our bespoke service could be perfect for you. For example if you wanted to have a cotton crown with a faux suede peak or a corduroy crown with a denim peak, you can do so.

*TIP – when choosing bespoke, please be aware that that the minimum order quantity is 144 per colour/per style*

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Creative stocked options

There are a couple of stocked styles, where the peak is a major talking point and we have a myriad of them.

Our C6715 snapback comes in lots of options with contrasting colours on both the upper and under peak, and as previously mentioned, the C6723 is another great example, boasting a wool crown with a cotton peak. If you would like a more bespoke feel, then the C6772 is a great choice, with its smooth flowing wave peak pattern. The C6728 also has distressed detail to the edges of the peak, providing a retro and rugged appeal. The C6730 has a carbon fibre effect, giving it an automotive aura.

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Creative bespoke options

Bespoke headwear opens up countless possibilities and offers a greater variety of contrasting colours and fabrics. It also introduces numerous peak branding techniques. There are almost no limitations when going bespoke.

For example embossed and debossed patterns can be a subtle addition. If you wish to go bolder, then why not add embroidery? Or you could even apply a rubber printed badge with a logo embossed onto it. There are countless options and variations of branding techniques which are available to use. You can even apply a bottle opener. If that’s not bold and creative, we don’t know what is!

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A final thought

So it seems that you can do a lot with just this part of the hat. Whether it be bespoke branding techniques, contrasting fabrics or even a mere colour change, a cap peak alone can be a bold addition to any marketing campaign.

Whatever the weather this winter, we have a great range of Promotional and Retail quality headwear to keep your client’s head warm, and better still we have created a PLAIN label catalogue ready for you to download and send to your clients – totally FREE of charge.


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