Discover the Sharon Lee Marketing Secret:

Published - 17th March, 2017

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing!

Tom Fishburne

Our main three aims are a healthy mixture of:

1) Directing traffic to the sales team via various marketing techniques.

2) Creating striking hat designs.

3) Building strong relationships with our customers.

This means the department has to create relevant and worthy content across multiple platforms. From mailers to website text, from social media posts to this blog that you’re reading right now. These are all forms of content that the department produces.

The department is also in charge of design, as visuals of customers’ orders are produced every day. Whether it be a bespoke or stocked hat the marketing department are always capable of dealing with it.

You might be wondering by now what our ‘Marketing Secret’ is. It’s simple: a combination of passion, experience in the industry and the most important factor; hard work. There’s no way around it. Here’s a closer look at the department:

The marketing and design manager Steve:

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