Madeira threads – the choice for true quality.

Published - 20th June, 2016

To get the best embroidery you need the best threads – Madeira is the only choice.

Here at Sharon Lee we use Madeira thread for all of the in-house embroideries as we believe it is the best quality thread to use for a few reasons.

Madeira, a company founded in South West Germany almost 90 years ago and established in the UK back in 1983, are specialists in the world of industrial embroidery, offering a wide and varied range of threads for all types of embroidery.

One of the big benefits of using Madeira threads is the fact that the complete range fulfils the Oketex 100 standard and has been awarded the highest standard, Class I, allowing them to be used on infant clothing.

The thread we use and why.

Classic Rayon 40:

“Made from treated fibres from sustainable trees or plants, Madeira CLASSIC viscose uses the highest quality raw materials and special production processes.”

This is the main thread that we use for most flat designs and there are a number of reasons for this:

  • A massive colour range – matched to Pantone colours.
  • Runs smoothly.
  • Wash resistant.
  • Maintains a glossy and clear embroidery.
  • Capable of running at a quicker pace.

Maderia CLASSIC colour card.

Polyneon 40:

“PolyNeon is the brand name for Madeira’s well established Polyester Embroidery threads. At the highest level and made in Germany – this is PolyNeon quality.

PolyNeon is made using special winding methods, unique to Madeira.  This guarantees it will run outstandingly well at high speeds without looping often associated with other polyester embroidery threads.

PolyNeon is dyed using special dye processes, making it extremely fast to chlorine. Therefore Madeira is allowed to use the symbol for Chlorine resistance, the specification for which is shown on its shadecards:”

We use Polyneon 40 for 3D embroidery and there are reasons as to why we use it over Classic 40 for 3D:

  • The thread is more durable.  This means there will be fewer thread breaks when the machine is running and therefore the run becomes a smoother and quicker one (which is important for 3D embroidery as it tends to break more often than flat designs).
  • It is wash resistant.
  • There is a wide range of colour options available.
  • It has a better quality and glossier end product for 3D designs.

Of course there are some cons with using Polyneon thread:

  • Because the thread is so thick it blunts the knives on the machine every time the embroidery cuts, but that’s a small price to pay for a quality finished product.

Maderia POLYNEON colour swatch

Luna: Glow in the Dark:

For customers who want a different, wacky design that stands out Luna thread is a perfect choice. With the thread glowing a luminous green when dark it is certain to stand out and make the design of the hat that much more memorable. Of course there are some pros and cons to embroidering with it:


  • Luna thread is soft to the touch.
  • It is wash resistant.
  • Certain to stand out – well at least at night!
  • A truly unique thread.


  • Only available in white.
  • Quite costly.
  • A lot of thread breaks which makes it harder and longer to embroider logos.

We rarely use this thread as it is very specific to the customer but when we do the results speak for themselves.

Madeira Luna Thread

Madeira Luna Glow in the Dark thread

Madeira’s product ranges don’t stop there.  There are alternative thread ranges such as Frosted Matt, Metallic, and Fire Retardant threads.  All of which are available through Sharon Lee’s embroidery service.

When it comes to our in-house embroidery the main aim is to create a product which is high quality and Madeira threads help us to achieve that.

If you would like to discuss any of the above please feel free to contact the sales team – 01376 552235 or email