Let creativity sell the idea of Caps to your Clients.

Published - 18th April, 2016

How can creativity help you sell Caps and Beanies to your clients without the need to lift a finger?

The common scenario:

A client calls wanting a range of products for a big event or product launch.  They advise you of the budget and now it’s up to you to list a range of suitable products, source or get creative with the clients logos and hopefully get the deal.

Things like pens, USB drives, Mugs etc are relatively simple to source and add your clients logo to, but when it comes to caps and beanies what’s the best option and where do you start?

Well it’s subject to a couple of important factors – BUDGET and LEAD TIME, but neither of these should stop you offering the full package.

This is where Sharon Lee can help.  We will create a range of visuals (FREE OF CHARGE), ranging from relatively simple budget and lead time friendly designs, to some really exciting and eye-catching creative ideas which will cost a little more, and also take a little longer to produce.

But why would we offer this service if we know the Budget or Lead time will be difficult to meet?  The simple answer is –  put yourself in your clients shoes! The chances are they have been in contact with a number of Promotional Suppliers giving them the same brief.

Promo Supplier A has supplied images and pricing on pens, mugs and a basic cheap 5-panel cap with a printed logo to the front.

You, on the other hand, have also supplied images and pricing on the same pens and mugs.  On top of that you have also sent them a PDF pack of CAD Visuals with the same simple 5-panel cap with a print, but also the UK stocked cap with 3D embroidery and a range of Bespoke WOW visuals showing all the possible branding techniques and effects that could be achieved if you were given a little extra time and a tiny bit more budget.

Now, what would you choose?  Why don’t you give it a try the next time a client calls?

For further information or to speak to one of the sales team regarding this process or any other headwear requirement please feel free to contact the sales team today.