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Published - 7th November, 2022

Sharon Lee are proud to have partnered with REPREVE® to produce an initial range of 2 styles of baseball cap that truly help us all to do more with less.Taking 2 post consumer waste plastic bottles and turning them into fabric, and showing everyone in the supply chain the environmental benefits of these caps, with no hassle, no complex documentation, and no fuss, is now available.

It is an honour for Sharon Lee to work with REPREVE® and to take REPREVE®’s recycled and fully traceable yarn into the promotional, workwear, and merchandising sectors, allowing our great customers and in turn the biggest brands in the world, the chance to be associated with such a great recycling movement.

In both the fully covered and trucker style caps, REPREVE® have calculated and certified that approximately 2 bottles have been recycled in the making of the 100% recycled fabric used. We felt it important to tell the world about the 2 recycled bottles making a cap, by showing this on the peak sticker that sits on every one of the stock products that Sharon Lee are holding.

Furthermore we felt it important to shout about the great process and amazing work that REPREVE® are performing by turning so many plastic bottles into yarn, and in our case we are turning baseball caps, so we added a QR code to this peak sticker.

This QR code takes the audience straight through to the REPREVE® website, so everyone can share in the great story that our baseball cap has.

Whether you are showing this to the marketing director of a global brand, whether the brand director wants to show its customers, or whether the end wearer of the product wants to know the story, the peak sticker provides the platform….. to display how environmentally conscious this product is. The peak sticker provides an easy platform to transfer all of the environmental benefits down the entire supply chain with minimum documentation, minimum reading time, and minimum hassle for everyone.

The number of bottles that REPREVE® recycle goes up by approximately 4,300 per minute.

Both the C6742 fully covered 6 panel cap and the C6743 trucker style cap are available from Sharon Lee’s stock. The initial colours of both styles come in Black, Navy, Red and Grey.

If you want to show your customers the product and the ways that we can brand the caps, you can use Sharon Lee’s plain label, end user friendly, catalogue site called SearchCaps. Please feel free to send both of the links to your customers:

C6742 fully closed cap;
C6743 mesh back trucker style cap;

As the REPREVE® caps are in stock, you can take just 1 cap if you want them plain. To add an embroidery, a 3d print, a 3d embroidery, a PU badge, or any of the other In house produced Sharon Lee decorations, the minimum quantity is 50 pieces.

The turn around time for plain stock is “next day” if your orders meets the courier collection time of 4pm.

The typical turn around time for decorated orders through Sharon Lee’s in house team is typically 2 to 3 weeks from confirmation of the order, although please do speak to our team for specific dates needed and we will do all that we can to fit your order in.

As with all Sharon Lee products and the decorations that we apply to them, you can expect a retail standard, high quality product that will meet to exceed the quality of any hat that you can find on the market. As always, Sharon Lee’s aim is to deliver the highest quality product and through delivering you the best level of service, as we all aim to help the biggest and most conscious brands in the world with their merchandise needs.

Sharon Lee and REPREVE® have an agreement for these caps to be sold in the promotional, uniform, and merchandising sectors, as well as the retail sector. This means that on these stocked style caps, Sharon Lee have the agreement for your customer’s logos to be added without further permissions being needed from the licensor (Unify Textiles).

To ensure complete trust and transparency, REPREVE® yarn has its own traceable fingerprint, or as they call it, FiberPrint®. This clever yarn imprint means that Unifi textiles can verify Sharon Lee’s stock caps through the U Trust™ certification. This certification can of course be sent to you and onto your customer, and is supplied upon request.
These caps are made by our team in China, and as with all Sharon Lee products, is produced by our team which have a yearly 4 pillar social and ethical audit.
Which ever angle you look at Sharon Lee’s REPREVE® stock caps, it is covered to the highest standards.

Alongside Sharon Lee, some of the worlds most recognised brands are making a difference through their partnership with REPREVE® . Why not help your customer brands to do the same by purchasing Sharon Lee’s REPREVE® caps.

If you need to know more or discuss a specific project, please do call us on +44 (0)1376 55 22 35 or email us at We would love to help.


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