The 14 new styles we have introduced in 2017 – Part 2

Published - 29th November, 2017

Have a strong impact on your customers with any of the 14 new styles we have introduced in 2017!

As previously mentioned in last week’s blog, we have introduced 14 brand new styles into our range, in this, our 70th anniversary year. This blog breaks down the final 7 of them. If you missed part one, click here.

C6729 – 6 panel jersey cotton spandex cap.

The C6729 is a lightweight, stylish sports cap which has a unique feel and look. Constructed from high quality interlocked polyester, this cap has a soft, comfortable feel and a highly fashionable look.

Introducing the C6729 Interlock Polyester 6 Panel cap.


Key areas:

  • 6 panel shape.
  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • Smooth and soft.
  • Silver buckle adjuster.
  • Polyester spandex interlock.
  • Available in 4 colourways.

C6730 – 6 panel carbon fibre peak cap.

The C6730 is a 6 panel structured cap which is made from chino cotton to the crown and boasts a silver buckle adjuster strap to the rear. Having produced this style for many bespoke orders, it made every sense to bring it in as a stock line. Plus it’s ideal for the automotive and high tech brands.

C6730 6 Panel Cotton Cap with Carbon Effect Peak

Key areas:

  • 6 panel shape.
  • 100% chino twill cotton.
  • Carbon fibre effect to peak.
  • Silver adjuster buckle.
  • Available in 5 colourways.

C6772 – 6 panel heavy brushed cotton wave peak cap.

The ever-popular heavyweight, brushed cotton twill cap, as per our C6771, with the added twist of a contrasting wave design on the peak.

C6772 Chino Cotton 6 Panel Cap with Wave trim to the peak.

Key areas:

  • 6 panel shape.
  • 100% heavy brushed cotton.
  • Silver buckle adjuster.
  • Wave design on peak.
  • Multi coloured.
  • Available in 5 colourways.

C6731 – 6 panel oiled cotton cap.

This hard wearing, 6 panel cap is a true retail standout. The rugged look and oily appearance of the fabric adds to its retro appeal. Having produced many bespoke versions of this style, it was an obvious choice to bring it into our stocked range.

Even with the very distinctive look, this style has been very popular with many different sectors, from drinks through to heavy duty machinery brands.

C6731 Oiled Cotton 6 Panel Cap

Key areas:

  • 6 panel shape.
  • Antique brass buckle adjuster.
  • 100% oiled cotton.
  • Oily feel.
  • Available in 2 colourways.

C6732 – 6 panel low profile trucker cap.

The C6732 is the latest generation of the infamous trucker style cap dating back to 1970s America. This 6 panel cotton fronted cap is currently huge on the high street, and this is the trucker cap to offer when delivering to a fashion conscious audience.

C6732 6 Panel Classic Trucker Cap

Key areas:

  • 6 panel shape.
  • 100% cotton peak and front panels.
  • Polyester side and rear panels.
  • Low profile look.
  • Plastic snap adjuster.
  • Available in 5 colourways.

S0012 – Chunky knit bobble beanie.

The S0012 mixes function with fashion with its thick, warm and chunky knit finish. For many a bobble is a must and this is one of two in our range.

S0012 Chunky Knit Ribbed Bobble Beanie

Key areas:

  • 100% acrylic.
  • Chunky knit.
  • Oversized bobble.
  • Turn-up.
  • Loose knit.
  • Ribbed effect.
  • Available in 7 colourways.

S0013 – Fisherman styled short fit beanie.

The S0013 fisherman styled beanie is unlike any other hat in our current stocked range. Whilst not as functional as other beanies, it makes up for it with standout style and on-trend attributes, which is exactly the reason why we introduced the S0013 to our range.

S0013 Fisherman Beanie

Key areas:

  • Short fit.
  • 100% acrylic.
  • Soft feel.
  • Ribbed effect.
  • Loose knit.
  • Turn-up.
  • Rear seam.
  • Available in 8 colourways.

A Final thought

So there we have it, 14 new hat styles introduced to our range within our platinum year. All of these styles are REACH compliant. If you would like an easy and effective way of viewing all our headwear, we urge you to download our free AW17/18 catalogue or go straight to our catalogue page on our website.


For more information about any of the above please contact the sales team on 01376 560380 /

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