Are you getting the most from your current supplier?

Published - 13th April, 2016

It’s a simple question but a difficult one to answer!

Take for example your energy supplier.  Yes you are getting a regular supply of electricity and gas, and in most cases you never need to contact them until there is an issue or you decide to shop around for better pricing.  But how many of you regularly check the suppliers websites for new packages, offers, and advice?  If you are like most of us then very rarely and the reason for this is there is no benefit in doing so until an issue arises.

The same is true for your Promotional products suppliers just because you have used them for years, they deliver on time, the product does what it should do etc.  Very rarely will you take a look at other options until an issue of stock, quality, service or lead time arises.

So we ask the question again – Are you getting the most from your current supplier?

Let’s make it a little easier for you.  If you work with Sharon Lee then YES, you are.

Sharon Lee prides itself on offering the best service, advice and products no matter how big or small your inquiry may be.  They are dedicated to meeting the highest standards in Ethical and Environmental procedures having recently undertaken a SMETA audit for the UK Production aspect of the business, alongside the constant auditing and improvements in their far east production facilities including SEDEX membership, WRAP and OEKO-TEX.

It doesn’t stop there.  With a wealth of experience spanning over 6 decades in the headwear industry, it is safe to say you are in the right hands when it comes to your headwear requirements, and this wealth isn’t just restricted to a phone call or meeting.  By becoming a Premier Client (further details can be found here on how to become a Premier Client)  you will have direct access to a huge library of useful how-to guides, videos, images and also a presentation file that you can use to impress potential clients, all of which will help you become headwear experts in a matter of minutes, not years.

So to be part of this INNOVATION in headwear sign up to the Newsletter or find out more about becoming a PREMIER client today.