Customer Relationships and how we go the extra mile!

Published - 30th May, 2018

Customer relationships play a huge part in business, and here at Sharon Lee we take it to the next step!

More and more repeat business is done between companies where there is some form of personal, one to one selling as opposed to a quick sale with no interaction other than the necessities.   In today’s ever competitive world the one thing that can set you apart from your competition is how you work with your customer and the lasting effect you have on them.

It’s not just customer service, it goes much deeper than this, and it’s the little additional touches which set apart a good company from an excellent company, which you want to keep doing repeat business with over and over again.

At Sharon Lee the emphasis is not just on Customer Service, we want to go the extra mile and make it a relationship that lasts.  As a service provider, we have to set ourselves apart from our competition which can be done in many ways but foremost it starts with the initial contact you have with us.

From the first email or phone call you make to us, you can be certain that no matter how big or small your enquiry, it will be treated with the utmost importance, but how do we do this and how will this benefit you?

  • We have individual account managers that will look after your enquiry from the initial point of contact all the way through to the point the order is despatched. Each of our account managers are ready to advise and offer the best options for your clients and will spend as much time as needed to make sure that everything is correct.  (MEET THE TEAM)
  • “Knowledge is King” – so the saying goes, and this is something we are passionate about, whether it be the individual product or the processes that are involved with the production of a branded cap, each and every member of the Sharon Lee team can answer almost any question (headwear related of course) and if not, someone else in the company will have the answer.
  • Did you know we offer a FREE CAD visual and Design service? If you need to see what your clients logo will look like on the front of a cap or beanie before order confirmation, we can mock it up for you, or alternatively if you are trying to win business and you want to WOW the client we can come up with some creative ideas that will show off your clients brand in a way that would be near impossible to describe in words.
  • We have complete control of our production. By having our embroidery/branding department In-House, we have complete control of timings/schedules, so when you call with your urgent order we can confirm within minutes the quickest time we can slot the order in.  Another great feature of having everything under one roof is the time it takes to sample your order.  A short walk into our well-stocked warehouse to grab the cap and within a matter of minutes your pre-production sample is finished and an image has been sent via email for approval.
  • We take audits and testing seriously – All of our stocked range has been tested to international standards, for colour fastness, chemical/fibre composition and AZO and Formaldehyde, which also includes testing of all additional components such as buckles, top buttons and peak inners for Lead, Cadmium and Nickle. We are also SEDEX 2- pillar SMETA audited as are our Bespoke Production facilities, and have all documentation readily available on request.
  • We have a long and established business relationship with our Far East production facilities (up to 20 years in some cases), and make annual visits to perform our own independent check.
  • Marketing Material – should you need a hi-res image of a particular cap, or an unbranded catalogue to send to your customer we have it all in hand, just ask and we will deliver!
  • Issues / Problems – We accept that problems and issues occur, but it’s how they are dealt with that can leave either a bitter or sweet taste, and dictate whether you work with a company ongoing. If an issue arises we will jump on it immediately and offer a solution that works for both you and ultimately your client, quickly and efficiently to reduce any further hassle.

So here’s a question for you!

What more could we do for you and what would help you promote and sell more headwear to your clients?

Let us know and we will see how we can make your ideas work –



For more information about any of the above please contact the sales team on 01376 560380 /

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