The past, present and future of our embroidery department.

Published - 17th March, 2017

Quick turnaround, in-house digitising and the most advanced embroidery in the UK.

The youngest department in the company (being re-introduced just 3 years ago) may just be the most intriguing. Starting out relatively small having only 5 workers and 3 machines in one room. We have since expanded to have 7 machines, 12 workers in two different rooms: this is quite an accomplishment. We can now do 3D embroidery to the highest level, applique and even glow in the dark embroidery.

All of this needs to be run by someone and there’s no one better than our very own SL embroidery wizard.

Meet Pete; the Embroidery Wizard:

With 56 heads on 7 state of the art Tajima 8 head machines, the department is pushing in excess of 10,000 embroidered products every week.  That works out at over 500,000 embroidered products every year on our standard shift pattern.

It’s safe to say that without the Embroidery Wizard and the hard working team, Sharon Lee wouldn’t have the most advanced Cap embroidery department in the UK.

We still want more!

After doubling our machinery and staff (and then some) we are still not finished developing. We are extending the warehouse and adding a huge state of the art 12 head Tajima machine:

This giant of a machine is going to increase our capabilities and reduce our lead times. As if that wasn’t impressive enough it is the first one ever made:

We will go into more detail about the new additions to the department in a later blog but for now check out our other departments:

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