Design makes a difference!

Published - 24th April, 2018

Design the perfect promotional product with branding techniques!

Branding and the design of a product is an essential step whether you’re creating a bespoke hat or picking a stocked style. Innovative techniques are used frequently in order for a promotional product to stand out in the industry. Creative design can make all the difference.

Design is of the utmost importance when deciding what hat to use in a promotional campaign. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to focus the mind on the right techniques to suit the brand.

Bold or subtle?

Loop labels, woven sandwich trim, metal pin badges and buckle customization can all be finishing touches to a great promotional hat. Flat embroidery is also a well-used branding technique when attempting to deliver subtle branding.

If you wish to create a more eye-catching design, however, then you could up the ante a little! For example, instead of using flat embroidery, upgrade to 3D embroidery for a bold finish. Printing techniques can also be very bold and ideal for detailed designs. Woven badges are a branding method used with both stock and bespoke made hats and can be both subtle and striking depending on the aim of the brand.

Detailed or simplistic?

Sublimation print is quite possibly the most detailed branding technique out there, as it is able to perfectly replicate heavily detailed imagery, such as photographs. Flat embroidery and various other prints are also capable of exceedingly detailed designs, ideal for those intricate logos.

On the other hand, however 3D embroidery and 3D rubber print are bold branding techniques and tend to work best with a simplistic design, not heavily detailed ones.

Don’t want to break the bank?

If you’re looking for a branding technique for a tighter budget there are a number of options available. When ordering less than 3000 standard styles with a relatively small decoration, Sharon Lee stock will usually be the most cost-effective option. On larger quantities where logos are huge, and/or where there are a number of logos to apply, a made to order bespoke product will often be the best value.

Fortune favours the bold!

If you’re looking for something special and truly original then we still have plenty of innovative options to offer you! From glow in the dark embroidery thread to bottle openers in the cap peaks. From LED beanies to quilted, sublimated fabric. When we say that ‘Your only limitation is your imagination’, we mean it!

A final thought

If any of these design techniques have caught your eye, then please contact the Sales Team today.



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