Our bespoke decoration service – Part 2

Published - 21st May, 2018

Laser cutting, embossing, jacquard weave and more are all available through our bespoke decoration service!

In our last blog, we introduced various branding techniques that are exclusively part of our bespoke service. If you wish to read that blog first then please click here: Our bespoke decoration service – Part 1.

Continue reading for more great custom branding from our made to order service!

Rubber badges

Rubber badges can be applied to any part of a bespoke cap including the adjuster strap! It can be quite a unique option for those brands who want to stand out and it works very well with intricate, detailed logos. Available to fit all shapes and sizes, rubber badges could be the ideal branding technique to use for your customer’s next marketing campaign.

Laser Cutting/etching

Laser cutting removes parts of the material be it the cap or the badge, using high powered lasers. Cutting away parts of the hat material or parts of the badge can result in a unique finish and look.

Laser etching uses the laser at an appropriate power to burn away a very thin part of the top layer of the fabric. The result can be stunning with an incredibly detailed logo inherent in the material of the fabric.

Laser technology is arguably the most precise decoration technique available, with the laser being more accurate when compared to any other branding technique.

Laser technology is considered to be the future of garment decoration, so watch this space!

Buckle customization

Whether you want the buckle embossed, debossed or laser etched, our service can deliver it!

For such a small component, there are a surprising number of options available, many of which are customizable. For example antique brass buckle, high shine silver, anodised to various colours, slide adjusters to name just a few.

As you can see below the end results can be subtle but still striking.

Liquid metal/sonic welding

Moulding a synthetic material and adding a colour creates a metal or matt effect design. Liquid metal which can equally referred to as sonic weld can create the effect of a metal badge, only at a much lower cost. Liquid metal when produced in a matt finish can create a very similar effect to a rubber print, allowing a mixture of metallic and matt in one design.

This creative technique results in a detailed and clean finish which is unlike any other branding technique available.

Silicone Embossed

This technique gives a raised finish to the fabric without the need for external 3D embroidery or printing. A piece of silicone is laser cut to the correct shape and then placed between the main fabric of the cap and the internal buckram. The silicone layer is essentially sandwiched between the inner and outer structure of the cap and is stitched around, giving a raised finish.

Fabric embossing

Embossing is a decoration service in which images and patterns are created on the surface of a product through the combination of heat and pressure.

Thick and deep piled polyester fabrics such as ottoman and PU leather are typically used for fabric embossing.

Embossing is often used as a high end, yet subtle branding technique to raise the overall quality and look of the product.

A final thought

Our bespoke service allows for a wide variety of decoration techniques but there are so many more available as you can see below.

If creativity is important to your customer then contact the Sales team today and try out our bespoke service!

That’s not all!

Our bespoke decoration service is so vast that we can’t cover it in one blog. Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of bespoke branding techniques. If any of the decoration techniques on this list have caught your eye, then why not learn more and contact the sales team today!



For more information about any of the above please contact the sales team on 01376 560380 / info@sharonleeltd.co.uk

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