How our stocked caps can help you

Published - 28th June, 2022

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We’ve been working tirelessly over the past 8 months to …

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We can recycle all our stock hats and caps

Published - 11th April, 2022

Working closely with our Recycling Partner, we’re able to offer a fully secure recycling service. This is on all supplied headwear items branded or plain, on any item that is rejected or fails the decoration quality control, or  a pre production sample. We can recycle them all! Why do we offer this?

We appreciate that incorrect, incomplete, or rejected logos …

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Our DDP mainland European delivery service

Published - 20th March, 2022

From administrative costs for UK exporters, inflated freight costs and inconsistent rule interpretation across EU countries, the exporting of goods to mainland Europe is now fraught with challenges. The inconsistent requirements from EU countries could possibly be down to VAT or IT differences. What ever the cause, it has added yet another layer of complexity for exporters of goods from… Read more

How we can help you deliver against your green credentials

Published - 6th February, 2022

Over the last few years, we’ve been working hard to create a way to help any product have a green side. We understand that being 100% green isn’t within reach of everyone. So we’ve developed a three tier approach that gives everyone a chance of delivering on a green promise. Great value – Option 1

The first greener great value …

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