Our DDP mainland European delivery service

Published - 20th March, 2022

From administrative costs for UK exporters, inflated freight costs and inconsistent rule interpretation across EU countries, the exporting of goods to mainland Europe is now fraught with challenges. The inconsistent requirements from EU countries could possibly be down to VAT or IT differences.

What ever the cause, it has added yet another layer of complexity for exporters of goods from the UK. It has truly become a challenge for everyone. This is where DDP comes in.

How can DDP help you?

Delivery duty paid (DDP) shipping is a key service in a post Brexit UK. It’s a type of delivery where the seller takes responsibility for all risk and fees of shipping goods until they reach their destination. If you’ve ever had to contend with this you probably understand why it exists.

So, a few months back saw that this was going to be a challenge, and in very simple terms, we’ve now got you covered.

We now offer our clients a full DDP delivered service to all EU states, across our entire range of UK plain and UK decorated products. Working with us means that we take the hassle out of exporting to Europe. This isn’t a sliding scale as the project goes on, when we quote for a project that needs to be delivered to Europe, the price that we quote* is exactly what you will pay.

The added advantage of using our service is that we can put timings into our plan – as because of additional checks, transit lead times between the UK and the EU have increased across the board, which will probably be the case for good now. We can build in your deadlines into our timeline.

And if that wasn’t enough, we really do take care of ALL of the paperwork!