Get creative with headwear by using colour!

Published - 23rd August, 2017

Colour is crucial in the headwear world

Choose your hat colour wisely!

You may well have read our recent blogs on being creative with fabrics and hat shapes?  Our next instalment is on creativity using colour.

Choosing the right colour or blend of colours can be the difference between a product that looks amazing and something that looks like a mess! This same principle applies to the design and manufacture of hats.

The good news is, when producing a bespoke hat there are essentially no limitations on the colours you can use. What is important is that we use the available colours in your customers brand guidelines wisely and to maximum effect.

Why is colour so important?

Colour is the first thing people will see after they realise you’re actually wearing a hat. This is significant as we all know how essential first impressions can be.

Quite literally the colours used in a design will determine if the hat is subtle and understated or, whether the cap is loud, attention grabbing and almost a walking billboard.

Look at what a difference colour makes to these stocked C6711 Chino Cotton cap and also the bespoke 5 Panel Volley Caps.

How to get the right effect on your bespoke caps, using colour

It’s quite simple, when you speak to your sales representative or when you’re requesting designs, please be sure to let us know what your customer is trying to achieve. Whether the most stylish representation of their brand, the loudest advert that can be placed on a person’s head, or maybe a combination of both. If we know your objectives, we will be able to deliver the right product.

Look at the designs below to see what a difference colour makes on a hat.

Stocked colour options:

Getting the colour right on stocked options is just as important.

Take a look at the C6711 dad caps in Natural and Navy and compare them to the same hat in brighter colours such as Red and Royal. The C6711 in one colour may the perfect product for some of your customers’ needs but would be an utter disaster for others.


Branding colours:

In addition to the colours of the product, the branding technique and choice of colour applied will also make a dramatic difference to the overall appearance of the hat.  By keeping it subtle or going to the opposite end of the scale with bold and bright designs, the extensive range of option available to you, allows for a variety of different finishes, purely influenced by colour through branding techniques.

A Final Thought

Colour truly is one of the most important factors of a hat, how it looks and what image it portrays.  Whether your customers need the right colour combinations on a bespoke product or on a stocked option, we are here to help.

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