The Change of Seasons

Published - 26th September, 2016

Now that September; the Christmas of summer, has ended summer is slowly transitioning into autumn which means change.

“As the season changes, we learn to adapt.” – Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom.

Changes in weather, changes in the way we dress and changes in clothing business. Although we may not want to let go of summer quite yet, it is important to plan and adapt for the autumn and winter ahead of us. Change is inevitable.

Changing in seasons changes many things for the world none more obvious than the weather.  No longer will we be able to get away with wearing shorts outside or leaving our rain jacket at home. Soon the leaves will crisp up and the clouds will smother the sky. The rains will fall and the cold will sting.

With the changes in weather comes the change in what people wear. Instead of sunglasses and t-shirts we will be wearing gloves and jumpers soon, our flip flops and sandals will turn to shoes, trainers and boots not too long from now. Caps to block out the sun will turn to beanies to warm our ears. We may have to replenish our wardrobes in order to deal with the change of seasons. This means shops will have to sell winter wear.

With people changing what they wear this of course means clothing companies and brands change the way their stores, stock and the way they sell products. Sales on swimming trunks will be down and sales of scarves will rise. Warm and weather proof clothes should be marketed more. Wintery accessories will be brought into stock to be sold to colder customers.

Below is just a small range available to you both off the shelf and bespoke.

Change is coming soon, here at Sharon Lee we both welcome the change and are here to help other companies with the sudden change. If you desire any more information contact the sales team.

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