Celebrating 70 Years of selling headwear.

Published - 16th Jan, 2017

2017 is a big year for Sharon Lee, with the celebration of their 70th Anniversary selling headwear. In those 70 years there has been a huge change, not just in the business but also in the wider world.  Sharon Lee has seen the passing of a King (King George VI), a World Cup victory, the first female Prime Minister (Margaret… Read more


Published - 31st Oct, 2016

As winter rolls in and the weather changes, so do the promotional products that your clients buy.

A beanie is a great winter promotional product, not only do they keep your head warm, but they can also show off your clients brand, event or product.

Did you know that we had both a Promo Ready range as well as Retail …

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Sharon Lee’s financial foundation – the Accounts department

Published - 17th Mar, 2017

Behind every good business is a great accounts team.

The Accounts department is our financial backbone and it feeds into every area of the business very closely. It takes a very analytical mind and a high degree of accuracy to keep everything in order, and we have both of those attributes within this department.

Cheryl Luckie is not only our …

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Introducing the S0020.

Published - 4th Oct, 2016

The S0020 Premium Retail Quality Beanie now available!

The S0020 is the latest in quality headwear from Sharon Lee.  A circular knitted, super fine and super soft retail quality beanie, perfect for all manner of winter promotions or events.

Tell me more!

This beanie differs from the current range available in a number of key ways.  The first and probably …

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Change of Seasons

The Change of Seasons

Published - 26th Sep, 2016

Now that September; the Christmas of summer, has ended summer is slowly transitioning into autumn which means change. “As the season changes, we learn to adapt.” – Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom.

Changes in weather, changes in the way we dress and changes in clothing business. Although we may not want to let go of summer quite yet, it …

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Engine Room

The Sharon Lee Engine Room.

Published - 5th Sep, 2016

A behind the scenes look at the Sharon Lee Engine Room.

Whilst most of you will be aware of how the front end of our business works and will be in regular conversation with the sales team, how many of you really know what goes on in the engine room?

Well, in this blog we will show you exactly what …

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Keep on “Truckin” with the NEW C6604 Foam Trucker

Published - 30th Aug, 2016

The C6604 Foam Fronted Trucker cap is the perfect mix of “Old School” classic looks with a quality feel and finish. Tell me more!

The C6604 Foam Fronted Trucker cap is made from 100% Polyester with a classic mesh back rear and plastic snap adjuster.  The front panel and peak are foam backed giving you the classic padded finish.  The …

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What Makes a Business a Success?

Published - 22nd Aug, 2016

Success: ‘The accomplishment of an aim or purpose’

Success is an interesting and popular subject, but what does it actually mean? Well in truth there is no right or wrong answer as it is completely vague and subjective. People and companies define it in different ways. So how do we define success? How do you define it? How do a …

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5 Outstanding Branding Techniques

Published - 15th Aug, 2016

The potential techniques that a hat could have are virtually endless…… ……and the constant change in styles and trends, forces brands (and marketing gurus) to keep growing and developing their ranges to stay successful. The possible creations and modifications that can be made to the humble hat are nothing short of infinite – so much so that they wouldn’t all… Read more

Eye-catching 3D Designs that “Stand” out!

Published - 1st Aug, 2016

The 3D Embroidery Process. Create eye-catching 3D embroidered designs that “STAND” out.

There are a number of key design elements that need to be taken into account before a logo can be created as 3D embroidery;

Keep it thick –  Thick lettering or shapes from 3mm to 12.7mm will allow for a clean crisp finish.  Any less and the foam… Read more

Jargon Buster – Understanding the Lingo used in the industry.

Published - 25th Jul, 2016

Jargon Buster – The language of the Promo Industry. Jargon is in every industry and for a newcomer or even an established veteran trying to understand and explain it can be difficult. “JARGON- Noun – special words or expressions used by a profession or group that are difficult for others to understand.”

The Promo industry has its fair share of …

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BREXIT European Union Exit


Published - 18th Jul, 2016

IF YOU ANSWERED YES TO EITHER OF THE ABOVE YOU NEED TO READ THIS! As a country we may have voted out of the EU, but as businesses it doesn’t mean we can’t continue working and selling to those mainland European clients.

It’s safe to say that the dust is still settling after the European Union exit and will continue …

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How the Olympics can help your business

Published - 11th Jul, 2016

‘The Olympics are one of the most effective marketing platforms in the world, reaching billions of people in over 200 countries and territories throughout the world’ The Olympic Games are going to Rio this year, and ever since the very successful London 2012 Olympics just four years ago many of us are eagerly awaiting the Games to start. Sporting events… Read more

What’s the potential reach of branded headwear?

Published - 4th Jul, 2016

How do you get your clients brand seen by thousands of potential customers with headwear?

There is plenty of potential for your clients brand to be seen by a much wider audience and brand placement and the ROI (return on investment) plays a massive part of it.

Take a walk down pretty much any high street and you will see …

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Golf Caps


Published - 27th Jun, 2016

WITH THE PGA TOUR SCHEDULE WELL UNDERWAY AND THE OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP DUE TO TOUCH THE GREEN AT THE HISTORIC LINKS OF ROYAL TROON THIS JULY. Why are baseball caps and visors such an important part of golf lifestyle, both professional and amateur? “Show me a man who is a good loser and I’ll show you a man who is playing… Read more

Madeira threads – the choice for true quality.

Published - 20th Jun, 2016

To get the best embroidery you need the best threads – Madeira is the only choice.

Here at Sharon Lee we use Madeira thread for all of the in-house embroideries as we believe it is the best quality thread to use for a few reasons.

Madeira, a company founded in South West Germany almost 90 years ago and established in …

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Published - 13th Jun, 2016


With so many different branding options available, it can be a minefield when it comes to deciding what will work best for your chosen designs.


Well the first decision that you need …

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Sharon Lee and Images Magazine 3D Design

Published - 6th Jun, 2016

Sharon Lee brings its mastery of 3D embroidery to our new Images masthead and shows you how it’s done.

Last year, Images magazine visited Sharon Lee’s new showroom and modernised premises for a tour of the company’s operations*. During the visit, Pete Williams, the company’s embroidery manager, demonstrated the 3D embroidery techniques that he has been developing and perfecting to …

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Are you ready for Summer?

Published - 31st May, 2016

It’s fast approaching, but do you have everything in place? Summer brings a whole new range of opportunities, sporting events, music festivals, fetes and more.  With a huge potential to get your customers brand in front of thousands of potential clients, caps are an ideal marketing tool.

Headwear and summer go hand in hand with each other, not only for …

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New for 2016 – C6720

Published - 23rd May, 2016

Introducing the C6720 the latest in the range of quality headwear from Sharon Lee.

The C6720 is a new addition to our ever extending range of high-end, retail quality headwear.

In the below video, Danny runs through the key features of the new range.

The C6720 is made from a Tactile peached Polyester fabric, constructed in a birds eye weave, …

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