Creative Colour

Get creative with headwear by using colour!

Published - 23rd August, 2017

Colour is crucial in the headwear world Choose your hat colour wisely!

You may well have read our recent blogs on being creative with fabrics and hat shapes?  Our next instalment is on creativity using colour.

Choosing the right colour or blend of colours can be the difference between a product that looks amazing and something that looks like a …

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How to start getting creative with headwear

Published - 15th August, 2017

Creative – ‘Relating to or involving the use of imagination or original ideas to create something’

With so many hats all being the same with a different logo, it can be hard to stand out! This, of course, is not impossible though, and we believe not all hats are created equally. There are countless ways to get creative with headwear. …

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Our top 5 stocked baseball caps for the summer.

Published - 2nd August, 2017

Why you need quality baseball caps this summer.

It’s no secret that the summer months are the optimal time to wear the classic baseball cap. The sun is out (sometimes) and the overall atmosphere tends to be more relaxed, which is perfect for the baseball cap to shine.

However, not all baseball caps are identical. With countless colour options, styles …

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Why having high quality headwear is worth it!

Published - 25th July, 2017

Quality is the key to success!

We wear clothes all day long, all year round. They are a necessity in everyone’s day to day life. So why do so many of us invest in poor quality clothing when there are in fact so many high-quality options available without breaking the bank.

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Why focus on fabric when buying headwear?

Published - 17th July, 2017

Do you know what fabric you should use?

Buying headwear or any clothing product for that matter is no simple task, especially in the promotional industry. The colour, style and fabric are all important factors that have to be taken into consideration. Knowing the benefits and types of fabric, in particular, are vital for anyone looking to buy quality headwear …

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A NEW way to view our range.

Published - 7th July, 2017

We now have 2 easy ways to view our great ranges of headwear including the new styles and colours we have recently introduced.

In 2017 our core stock range has expanded considerably with a total of 10 new styles and an array of new colour options.

With so many styles and colour options to suit various different categories, and with …

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Headwear in Sports


Published - 30th June, 2017


Activewear is worn for most sports or physical exercise, primarily for the three reasons above. Each of these will be discussed within this blog, but it is important to remember that hats are synonymous with sport and some have even originated from them, such as …

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Retail Giants vs Sharon Lee – The comparison blog.

Published - 23rd June, 2017

Can you tell the difference between these retail icons and our stock?

There are many retail giants such as Franklin and Marshall, Topman and Converse, who are go-to clothing brands for people looking for headwear.

Being a hat supplier we have a diverse selection of stock that closely replicates retail branded products. So read on to find out about six …

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What makes activewear so popular?

Published - 12th June, 2017

Activewear has taken over two massive portions of the clothing world – sports and casual. What is activewear?

Activewear is simply informal and comfortable clothing suitable for physical activities. Essentially designed as clothing to wear for when you’re in the gym or doing other exercise, activewear has almost become a missing link between sports apparel and casual fashion clothing. Becoming …

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What can our new bamboo cap do for you?

Published - 2nd June, 2017


There are few materials more diverse than bamboo because it is used in the making of such a wide variety of items. Bamboo is used in the making of musical instruments, food sources, construction products, writing surfaces and now textiles.

Traditionally originating from Asia centuries …

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Are you looking forward to summer – everyone’s favourite season?

Published - 19th May, 2017

The guide you will need this summer. There’s a lot to love about summer.

The warm weather, longer summer nights and countless outfit options are all a welcome change from the colder seasons of the year. Gone are the oversized jackets, woolly jumpers and double layered socks, destined to be banished to the back of the wardrobe for another year.…

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Everything you need to know in our platinum year

Published - 15th May, 2017

10 new styles, 2 new machines and even a new floor! In our 70th anniversary year we have experienced many changes with our stock, employees and even our building, making our platinum year a memorable one.

You may be a long standing client or completely new to Sharon Lee and whatever the case, this blog will tell you everything you …

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7 innovative ideas for hat lovers.

Published - 3rd May, 2017

7 innovative ideas for hat lovers that can make your brand stand out. “Innovative designs can mean the difference in getting your brand seen or blending into the background”.

The high street has huge shifts in both trend and style, so the clothing brands that we have come to know and love constantly need ways to remain bold, original and …

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Published - 21st April, 2017

“APPLIQUÉ” – “noun” – a decorative design made of one material sewn over another.

In the past 3 years we have gone from ZERO in house production to an impressive 68 heads of embroidery, a single head sampler and the latest DTG (Direct to Garment) Rhinestone application machine.

With all this in place we are in a position to test …

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How to Build a Company you can be Proud of.

Published - 16th March, 2017

What everybody should know about the headwear industry, and how this company keeps growing! It all started in 1947.

In the foundation days of the business, Woolf Davis (Sharon Lee’s founder) sold novelty hats to holiday makers on Southend pier. Although the company hasn’t moved too far geographically, now being located in Braintree, it’s clear to see we have evolved …

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Giving something back for our 70 years in business with Funding Neuro

Published - 8th March, 2017

Celebratory years are always a very grounding moment in anyone’s, or any business’s life. One will often take time to consider the privilege of meeting the people we have met, the experiences that we have experienced and more importantly, giving thanks for everything and everyone that we are surrounded by, and this is where Funding Neuro comes in.

So by …

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7 New Hats Styles to blow your mind in 2017 – PART 1

Published - 2nd March, 2017

Our Product range just keeps expanding in 2017 – Our 70th Anniversary Year. The world we live in today is forever changing.

Everything moves at an amazing pace these days. Keeping up with the continuous changes in everything from fashion to technology in 2017 is a full-time occupation.

Not to be left behind we are breaking new ground with new …

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How Sharon Lee’s sales team drives the company forward.

Published - 17th March, 2017

‘A salesman minus enthusiasm is just another clerk’ Henry F. Banks

Every company needs to make money to survive; that is the one constant rule of any business. So it is vital that the sales team is hardworking, dynamic, motivated and functional. That’s precisely what we have at Sharon Lee:

Danny: Sales Director


Carina: Account Manager:

Hi my name …

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PART 2 of the 7 New Styles for 2017

Published - 13th March, 2017

Our Product range just keeps on expanding in 2017 – our 70th Anniversary!

If you couldn’t tell by the title of this blog we are adding 7 new styles in 2017 (on top of the 4 we have already added). Read part one of this blog to see the other styles that we are introducing to Sharon Lee in 2017.…

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The past, present and future of our embroidery department.

Published - 17th March, 2017

Quick turnaround, in-house digitising and the most advanced embroidery in the UK.

The youngest department in the company (being re-introduced just 3 years ago) may just be the most intriguing. Starting out relatively small having only 5 workers and 3 machines in one room. We have since expanded to have 7 machines, 12 workers in two different rooms: this is …

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