Sharon Lee have supported Funding Neuro throughout 2017.

Published - 4th Jan, 2018

One will often take time to consider the privilege of meeting the people we have met, the experiences that we have experienced and more importantly, giving thanks for everything and everyone that we are surrounded by, and this is where Funding Neuro comes in. So by way of gratitude for our 70 years in business, Sharon Lee has proudly supported… Read more
2017 Summary

A full recap of everything we have introduced to Sharon Lee in 2017

Published - 19th Dec, 2017

2017 has included new styles, machinery, upgrades to our building, and new members of the team! 2017 has been a prosperous and successful year for Sharon Lee.

We have undergone many changes and introduced a variety of new elements throughout the year. Whether you are a long standing customer or completely new to Sharon Lee, this blog will show our …

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How to get creative with a cap peak!

Published - 5th Dec, 2017

Can you make a statement with the peak of the cap?

The peak of a baseball cap is often the forgotten element when it comes to branding/decorating headwear and what we want to talk about in this blog are the multitude of ways to make this part of a hat, innovative and eye-catching.

Contrasting peaks

You could use colour to …

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INTRODUCED - 14 New Style PART 2

The 14 new styles we have introduced in 2017 – Part 2

Published - 29th Nov, 2017

Have a strong impact on your customers with any of the 14 new styles we have introduced in 2017!

As previously mentioned in last week’s blog, we have introduced 14 brand new styles into our range, in this, our 70th anniversary year. This blog breaks down the final 7 of them. If you missed part one, click here.

C6729 –… Read more

The 14 new styles we have introduced in 2017 – Part 1

Published - 21st Nov, 2017

Have a strong impact on your customers with any of the 14 new styles!

Over the course of our platinum year, we have introduced many new additions into Sharon Lee. You can learn more about everything that we have added here: Everything you need to know in our platinum year. Quite possibly the most notable inclusion have been the 14 …

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Jacquard Main Image

Is Jacquard weaving the branding technique you’ve been looking for?

Published - 6th Nov, 2017

Jacquard weaving is one of the most effective branding techniques used for bespoke knitwear.

Jacquard woven beanies should be on every promotional marketer’s mind at this time of the year, as the results can be quite incredible when this branding technique is applied to knitted beanies. It can turn a very simple beanie hat into a stylish statement.

‘’Jacquard weave …

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Published - 30th Oct, 2017

Our 5 types of printing techniques – the complete breakdown. Do you know your Sublimation Print from your Jelly Print?

Print is possibly the most common branding technique used in the clothing industry to date. It’s quick, diverse and the effects can be mind-blowingly incredible.

So how do you know which print method is right for you and your range …

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Our top 5 stocked autumn/winter hats to keep you warm this winter.


Published - 19th Oct, 2017


During the summer we wrote a similar blog talking about our top 5 summer hats but now autumn is here, headwear styles are changing. Luckily for you our stocked headwear range has …

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Our 4 new hat styles in for autumn.

Published - 9th Oct, 2017

Give your promotion a lease of life with our new arrivals!

Over the course of our platinum year, we have introduced many new styles to our headwear range and expanded our colour palette considerably. Before the year is done however, we have decided to add yet another 4 new hat styles into our range, along with an update to our …

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The 4 new faces to the Sharon Lee team

Published - 3rd Oct, 2017

A great company is nothing without a great team.

During our 70th anniversary year, our company has changed unrecognisably. We have added 14 new hat styles, increased our colourway offering, increased our square footage in our warehouse, invested in yet more machinery and invested in more team members. We have certainly made the most of our platinum year both on …

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Female Model Bespoke Beanie


Published - 25th Sep, 2017

Get yourselves ready for winter with our AW17/18 Catalogue – including 4 new styles and a range of NEW colourways. As winter rolls in and the weather changes, so do the promotional products that your clients buy.

A beanie is a great winter promotional product, not only do they keep your head warm, but they can also show off your …

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An ode to the traditional beanie

Published - 18th Sep, 2017

The Beanie – The ultimate cold weather accessory. Inject some warmth and style into your brand with a classic beanie!

With autumn knocking on the door, it’s time to get ready for those cooler days ahead. Headwear excels at this time of the year and the beanie, in particular, is the perfect accessory.

What is a beanie?

Beanies, knit cap, …

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Autumn Fashion

How can you adapt your promotional headwear for autumn?

Published - 8th Sep, 2017

The key changes to make this autumn. Embrace autumn and be prepared by choosing the right headwear!

Whilst autumn brings a change in temperature and the evenings will surely start to draw in, there is no need to be downhearted. Autumn brings to us beautiful colours and warm tones and with these changes come new opportunities to revisit your promotional …

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Why audits and testing are so important for suppliers and retailers alike!

Published - 1st Sep, 2017

It’s vital that you know about audits and testing!

If you haven’t come across audits and testing in your promotional industry career, it is essential that you know about them.

What’s the difference between audits and testing?

Audits are all about the ethical and social standards of factories, whereas testing is related to making sure the end product is safe …

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Creative Branding

How to start getting creative using branding techniques!

Published - 29th Aug, 2017

Create a composition, rich in imagination using a nearly endless supply of branding techniques.

Designing a product that makes an impact on your target audience is no easy task. Read on to find out how you can create a truly unique hat by simply getting creative with your branding techniques.

Why is branding so important?

Branding will most certainly add …

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Creative Colour

Get creative with headwear by using colour!

Published - 23rd Aug, 2017

Colour is crucial in the headwear world Choose your hat colour wisely!

You may well have read our recent blogs on being creative with fabrics and hat shapes?  Our next instalment is on creativity using colour.

Choosing the right colour or blend of colours can be the difference between a product that looks amazing and something that looks like a …

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How to start getting creative with headwear

Published - 15th Aug, 2017

Creative – ‘Relating to or involving the use of imagination or original ideas to create something’

With so many hats all being the same with a different logo, it can be hard to stand out! This, of course, is not impossible though, and we believe not all hats are created equally. There are countless ways to get creative with headwear. …

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Our top 5 stocked baseball caps for the summer.

Published - 2nd Aug, 2017

Why you need quality baseball caps this summer.

It’s no secret that the summer months are the optimal time to wear the classic baseball cap. The sun is out (sometimes) and the overall atmosphere tends to be more relaxed, which is perfect for the baseball cap to shine.

However, not all baseball caps are identical. With countless colour options, styles …

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Why having high quality headwear is worth it!

Published - 25th Jul, 2017

Quality is the key to success!

We wear clothes all day long, all year round. They are a necessity in everyone’s day to day life. So why do so many of us invest in poor quality clothing when there are in fact so many high-quality options available without breaking the bank.

‘Dress how you would want to be addressed’ –… Read more

Why focus on fabric when buying headwear?

Published - 17th Jul, 2017

Do you know what fabric you should use?

Buying headwear or any clothing product for that matter is no simple task, especially in the promotional industry. The colour, style and fabric are all important factors that have to be taken into consideration. Knowing the benefits and types of fabric, in particular, are vital for anyone looking to buy quality headwear …

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