Production Service

How to increase production capabilities without risking customer service!

Published - 23rd July, 2018

When times get busy and production capabilities are pushed beyond the max, how do you make sure you can fulfil your customers’ requirements?

We have all been there at some point in time, where you find yourself at breaking point, deadlines looming, but not enough hours of the day to make the figures work and find extra production space.  At …

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We bet you didn’t know the following?

Published - 3rd July, 2018

There are many things in life we don’t know, some of which are quite important, whereas other things just aren’t worth worrying about.

But we wanted to educate you in a number of what we feel are “interesting” headwear related facts that you may not know!

Did you know that Sharon Lee started selling hats back in 1947 on Westcliff-on-Sea… Read more

The ongoing battle to save the planet from NON-Biodegradable products!

Published - 25th June, 2018

The use of Plastic and Non-biodegradable materials continues to be at the top of everyone’s newsfeed recently and for good reason.

Sir David Attenborough recently called for action to reduce the use of plastics and non-biodegradable materials due to its impact on the world’s oceans and the devastating effect it is having on the ecosystem in general.  For someone with …

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To 3D, or NOT to 3D, that is the question?

Published - 18th June, 2018

3D embroidery is a perfect way to make your logo stand out – literally, but when and where should it be used.

The process of 3D embroidery is quite simple; basically, it is a case of adding 2mm thick foam backing behind the embroidered design, which leaves a raised finish to the overall design.

By being creative you can have …

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Retail Promotional

What is the relationship between the retail and promotional industry?

Published - 11th June, 2018

Retail vs promotional – what are the links?

The promotional and retail industries have an extremely close relationship with one market consistently impacting the other. Retail inspired products are frequently transcending to the promotional industry and this is apparent with previously trending products such as fidget spinners, Bluetooth speakers and power banks. Promotional garments are also often heavily influenced by …

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Customer Relationships and how we go the extra mile!

Published - 30th May, 2018

Customer relationships play a huge part in business, and here at Sharon Lee we take it to the next step!

More and more repeat business is done between companies where there is some form of personal, one to one selling as opposed to a quick sale with no interaction other than the necessities.   In today’s ever competitive world the one …

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Decoration Pt2

Our bespoke decoration service – Part 2

Published - 21st May, 2018

Laser cutting, embossing, jacquard weave and more are all available through our bespoke decoration service!

In our last blog, we introduced various branding techniques that are exclusively part of our bespoke service. If you wish to read that blog first then please click here: Our bespoke decoration service – Part 1.

Continue reading for more great custom branding from our …

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Our bespoke decoration service – Part 1

Published - 15th May, 2018

Dye sublimation, jelly print, custom woven trim and more are all available through our bespoke decoration service!

Our bespoke decoration capabilities allow you to customize every panel and even every stitch. This means that a wealth of decoration options are available.

This array of innovative branding techniques really do allow you to create a completely unique product for your client. …

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The bucket hat – the hat of the summer?

Published - 3rd May, 2018

Would you use bucket hats in your next promotional campaign?

Bucket hats appear to be super popular with large high street retailers right now. Fashion savvy experts appear to predict lots of bucket hat sales throughout the summer months. We know this due to the increase in orders from the high street retailers.

A simplistic design, this hat style is …

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Design makes a difference!

Published - 24th April, 2018

Design the perfect promotional product with branding techniques!

Branding and the design of a product is an essential step whether you’re creating a bespoke hat or picking a stocked style. Innovative techniques are used frequently in order for a promotional product to stand out in the industry. Creative design can make all the difference.

Design is of the utmost importance …

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4 Key aspects of our stocked Retail range

Published - 11th April, 2018

High quality stocked products, innovative fabrics, ethical origins and fashionable aspects are all benefits of our Retail range!

In 2017 we added what has become a big part of our stocked headwear, which we call the Retail range. We populated this range with fashion inspired headwear, through our close working relationship with a number of high street fashion retailers.

So …

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What is it like to work with a hassle free supplier?

Published - 4th April, 2018

Do you want a hassle-free relationship with your supplier?

As you may or may or may not know, we pride ourselves on aiming to be a personal and hassle-free supplier to our customers. Quality customer service is engraved in our company ethos. Building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with our customers is very important to us.

So here are 4 things …

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Our UK capabilities and how they can represent your client’s logo

Published - 13th March, 2018

Embroidery, print, badges and more are all available as part of our UK production!

The promotional world is a fast-moving industry where turnaround speed, quality and consistency are massive factors when buying from suppliers. Bespoke headwear enables you to produce a more creative product with more branding options available, but UK production gives the customer a quicker turnaround time and …

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Modern Day Slavery in the clothing world

Modern Slavery in the clothing world.

Published - 6th March, 2018

Where do you stand on modern slavery?

It’s hard to believe that in 2018 slavery is not only present but is often seen as a massive problem in the manufacturing of clothing. As seen in a recent Drapers article, ASOS have taken a stand against forced labour and hosted a modern slavery event in Mauritius on February 22nd 2018.

ASOS… Read more

Attributes to consider when choosing a supplier.

Published - 23rd February, 2018

What is important to you and more importantly, your client when choosing a Supplier?

Choosing the right supplier can be a tricky task as there are many factors to take into consideration. For example, price is clearly important but does the cheapest price result in a better deal? Quick delivery sounds perfect, but does that mean that more mistakes can …

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Other Products

5 products we offer which you might not know about

Published - 16th February, 2018

We offer more than caps, snaps and beanies!  Check out the range of products available.

Caps and beanies are the foundation of our business and 9 out of every 10 sales that we make, have one or both of these in the mix.  However, we have many more strings to our bow, so here are 5 products which we offer …

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How was Merchandise World for Sharon Lee?

Published - 9th February, 2018

What can we say about Merchandise World?

The first two months of the year is always a busy time for those attending trade shows. With 3 major shows happening in this period (PPD Live, Printwear and Promotion and Merchandise World), we took the decision to only attend Merchandise World as we thought it would be the most beneficial to our …

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Published - 26th January, 2018


Trucker hats have been a staple style in the headwear world dating back to the 1970s. Although they were originally recognised as a promotional giveaway item, the humble trucker has rightly earned its spot on the fashion stage, whirling into mainstream success during the early 2000s.

The trucker cap is distinguished by …

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Published - 22nd January, 2018


Despite the name, baker boy hats are not typically worn whilst baking. Instead, they are an established accessory which have been around for over a century. Skyrocketing in popularity in the late 1800s, they could be considered an icon of Dickensian, English heritage.

Throughout the years baker boy hats …

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Sharon Lee have supported Funding Neuro throughout 2017.

Published - 4th January, 2018

One will often take time to consider the privilege of meeting the people we have met, the experiences that we have experienced and more importantly, giving thanks for everything and everyone that we are surrounded by, and this is where Funding Neuro comes in. So by way of gratitude for our 70 years in business, Sharon Lee has proudly supported… Read more