What makes activewear so popular?

Published - 12th June, 2017

Activewear has taken over two massive portions of the clothing world – sports and casual.

What is activewear?

Activewear is simply informal and comfortable clothing suitable for physical activities. Essentially designed as clothing to wear for when you’re in the gym or doing other exercise, activewear has almost become a missing link between sports apparel and casual fashion clothing. Becoming so popular over the past few years (particularly with women) that it has created its very own category in the clothing industry. Few products and trends have made such an impact in such a short amount of time as activewear has.

Activewear & Fashion

Activewear’s resurgence

As impressive as activewear’s dominant conquest of gym apparel is, what might be more remarkable is the fact that the products have spilled out into everyday life. With a catchy name and quality products it’s no wonder it bridged the gap between work out clothing and leisure wear. It has now firmly cemented itself in the clothing industry. This has been recognised by many clothing brands and celebrities alike that have taken advantage of this activewear craze.

Activewear’s resurgence – the rise of sports clothing brands

For a considerable period, sporting heavyweights such as Adidas and Nike ruled the sports fashion market. While they are both still giants of the fitness-fashion world, other brands have risen and had major success in this ever growing market.

Brands such as Under Armour who have thrived in the past decade are a great example of how popular activewear has become. Even lingerie companies such as Victoria Secret, and at the other end of the scale Marks and Spencer, have added sports ranges to their offering and have found enormous success.

Celebrities such as Beyoncé collaborating with the Arcadia group are driving sportswear further forwards into this space. Just take a look at the success of Ivy Park.

IVY PARK - www.ivypark.com

IVY PARK – www.ivypark.com

Will this trend fad out?

We don’t think so. With ever growing numbers joining gyms, entering triathlons, running and cycling clubs, yoga etc. and with the population ever conscious on looking good, we see sportswear increasing in popularity.

Sportswear is and will continue to be an important part of any brands arsenal and if you wish to add activewear to your brand, then we have a range of products that work – take a look at our latest  range of sports inspired styles and fabrics, specifically designed to keep you cool when the heat is on.



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