Our top 5 stocked baseball caps for the summer.

Published - 2nd August, 2017

Why you need quality baseball caps this summer.

It’s no secret that the summer months are the optimal time to wear the classic baseball cap. The sun is out (sometimes) and the overall atmosphere tends to be more relaxed, which is perfect for the baseball cap to shine.

However, not all baseball caps are identical. With countless colour options, styles and fabrics to choose from, finding the perfect cap is not as straightforward as you may think.

We have chosen 5 caps from our range that are perfect for summer, in terms of function, fashion and summer styling. This list could’ve easily been longer but here’s a snippet of the summer caps that we offer.

C6719 – Airtex Polyester Sports Cap:

A sports inspired cap, constructed with polyester/airtex mesh. The lightweight sports mesh means this cap will keep your head cool.

With activewear having a significant impact on the fashion world, there’s even more reason to invest in the C6719. It’s useful for sporting promotions and is especially appropriate for summer – plus it’s available in plenty of bold and bright colours.

C6726 – Chambray Denim Dad Cap:

An unstructured dad cap forged in a classic denim material. Sitting lightly on your head, the C6726 is a high street favourite that couldn’t be more appropriate for the summer.

C6728 – Distressed Chino Cotton Cap:

Another take on the classic dad cap, this time made in washed chino cotton twill, with distressed details to the peak. This type of cotton is typically softer feeling than unwashed cotton.

Did you know: The C6728 is a garment washed product, meaning that the complete cap is constructed then placed in an industrial washing machine, along with stones, which results in a washed and faded appearance. You may notice the fading particularly around the peak edge and seams.

C6720 – Tactile Polyester Weave Cap:

This unusual, bird’s eye weave, polyester cap really has to be felt to be appreciated.

For those who put comfort first, the C6720 is the cap to go for!

C6725 – Bamboo/Charcoal Cap:

Perhaps Sharon Lee’s most innovative hat, the C6725 is made from bamboo charcoal, woven with polyester. Whilst being an Eco cap, the C6725 holds sporting credentials and functional benefits. For example the fabric is moisture wicking and odour cancelling, making it a perfect addition to any sports promotion.

A final thought:

The core foundations to any summer hat are breathability, lightweight fabrics and comfort. Whatever the requirement, we have a hat to suit.


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