A full recap of everything we have introduced to Sharon Lee in 2017

Published - 19th December, 2017

2017 has included new styles, machinery, upgrades to our building, and new members of the team!

2017 has been a prosperous and successful year for Sharon Lee.

We have undergone many changes and introduced a variety of new elements throughout the year. Whether you are a long standing customer or completely new to Sharon Lee, this blog will show our 2017 journey!

New stock

Possibly, the biggest introduction of the year has been the extensive additions to our stocked products. We have 14 new styles which significantly differ to the styles which we previously stocked.

The Sharon Lee group work extensively with some of the world’s biggest retailers who give us a continuous insight into fashion, whether autumn/winter or spring/summer. This in turn allows Sharon Lee to stock fashion based products and deliver them to the promotional world.

With such a vastly increased range, we have categorised our products into 4 separate ranges: Promotional, Retail, Sports, and Eco. You can learn more about these ranges here:

Here are some of the new 2017 styles. If you need more information on these styles please read: Our 14 new styles overview.

New in-house capabilities

Our in-house embroidery department is going from strength to strength. The equipment and capacity of the department continues to grow at a rapid pace. We have pushed the limits of our machinery and consumables to create a multitude of ‘eureka’ moments.

These include:

  • Applique in felt, glitter and P.U leather.
  • Super wide embroidery, covering a large part of a cap.
  • Embroidery on the top part of the cap crown.
  • Micro embroidery utilising ultra-fine needles.
  • Patterned fill embroidery.
  • Elastika print on a cotton beanie.

UK embroidery examples

As Sharon Lee continues to grow, we expect to see more growth and developments in 2018.

New changes to the building

We, of course, need somewhere to put our new hat styles! Our warehouse now has an expanded mezzanine flooring, giving our new styles a home! We have also built a third embroidery workshop, to store the UK’s first ever Tajima 12 head embroidery machine (TMAR-V1512C), which is, in fact, the very first AR series 12 head machine, in the world.

New staff

You may well have noticed, there have been a lot of new names added to the Sharon Lee team over the course of the year.

  • Debbie – Sales Processor.
  • Nadia – Sales Admin.
  • Craig – Warehouse Assistant.
  • Hollie – Sales Executive.

Added to this, we have adapted and evolved many of the roles within the company. Peter has become Operations manager, Nat has become the embroidery supervisor to name but a few.

Sharon Lee’s goal is to deliver the best level of service that a hat supplier can, as it has always been. Thankfully our business has grown and the new staff and changed job roles ensured we keep up and improve our service levels, no matter how big demand becomes.

More to come in future blogs on our structure and staff.

A final thought

So there we have it, a recap on a remarkable 2017 for Sharon Lee. A big thank you to all those involved with making the year such a notable one, and here’s to building on success in 2018.

“On behalf of the entire team at Sharon Lee, I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your continued support throughout 2017. It has been an incredible year for Sharon Lee and we all recognise that this success could not have been achieved without you and your team’s hard work.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and we look forward to continuing where we left off, in 2018”.

Toby Pache – Managing Director

Whatever the weather this winter, we have a great range of Promotional and Retail quality headwear to keep your client’s head warm, and better still we have created a PLAIN label catalogue ready for you to download and send to your clients – totally FREE of charge.


For more information about any of the above please contact the sales team on 01376 560380 / info@sharonleeltd.co.uk

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