1947 is where it all started – The Past, The Present, The Future.

Published - 3rd May, 2016

What do Sharon Lee, Elton John, BUPA, a Microwave and the breaking of the sound barrier have in common?

The answer is the year 1947. The year Sharon Lee Ltd was established and the same year Elton John was born, BUPA was established, the microwave was invented and the sound barrier was broken by Chuck Yeager in the Bell X-1.

Since 1947 a lot has changed.  69 years on we now have microwaves that grill and even log on to the internet,  BUPA has established itself as a leading private healthcare supplier and Supersonic air travel came and went in the form of Concorde.

Throughout this time Sharon Lee has also changed.  Looking back to the first days of Sharon Lee where Woolfe Davis stood at the end of Southend Pier selling novelty hats to holidaymakers, it is amazing what has been achieved.

Woolfe Davis pre the war, purchased and repurposed old furniture to be sold on to new owners.  With the war engulfing Britain, Woolfe took up the role of a fireman and helped with the war efforts around the local area.  Once the war was over there was a huge increase in holidaymakers coming out of the cities for short breaks to the east coast.  One very popular destination was Southend On Sea with its world famous pier along with its local beaches.  Seeing a huge opportunity and massive potential, Wolfe set up selling novelty hats to the holidaymakers at the end of the pier and, after a number of successful years, Sharon Lee was established in 1947. 

Fast forward to the present and you will find a very different Sharon Lee.  Apart from the obvious modernisation, you will find a dedicated team of professionals ready to advise and help with all your headwear needs, in-house production facilities for all your embroidered orders (using state of the art Tajima machines along with Madeira threads), an ever expanding range of off the shelf headwear and the ability to offer an exceptional bespoke service from creative designs through to full production.

Sharon Lee is also fully accredited to a number of industry standards, with all of our production facilities both here in the UK and in the Far East having regular audits and open for independent reviews.

So what does all this mean for you and your clients?

You can rest assured that when working with Sharon Lee you are in safe hands.  Sharon Lee prides itself on service and quality, substandard is not in our vocabulary and never will be.  From your initial contact with the sales team you will be given honest, helpful advice and guidance all the way through the process, from CAD designs to help visualise your clients brand through to quoting and production.

You can learn more about Sharon Lee on our ABOUT PAGE or  SERVICE PAGE.